Ship "Index 11".

Fishery Protection, Patrol Boats, Coastal Forces,  and the "Zeebrugge" raid.

As there are so many differing vessels, that fall into these categories, I have divided this section into "Types" as I know them rather than list each individual ship.
There are also some examples where ships are in completely the wrong class i.e.:- some M.L's. being here instead of included in "Section 21 - Survey Ships".

I apologize in advance to those of you who are going to contact me to make me aware of ships I have inevitably placed in the wrong sub-type.
Please let me know, via my sites
"CONTACT ME" page, and I will endeavour to correct my mistakes.
Where I am unsure of where to place a particular ship, or type of ship, I have put it in the "Miscellaneous" section below.

Section updated Mid May 2022. - ( # ) indicates altered ships or entries.
Previous additions are now un-marked.

Most of the Photo's in these sections are courtesy of Mr. Mark Teadham, and I extend my thanks to him here rather than on each Photo.
I am also indebted to Mr. Tim Parr, who was heavily involved in the design of many of the more modern "Fast Patrol" ships in these sections,
and with the many conversions of the older types of ships, for information he has provided.

1). "Dark" class Fast Patrol boats.
2). "Ford" class patrol boats.
3). "Gay" class Fast Patrol boats.
4). "Island" class Fishery Protection ships.
5). "M.F.V's".
6). "M.G.B's".
7). "M.L's". #
8). "M.T.B's".
9). "Miscellaneous" Craft.
10). "Peacock" class Patrol ships.
11). "River" class Patrol ships.
12). "University Training Craft" ( P 2000 Fast Patrol boats ).
13). "Zeebrugge Raid".

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