Please use the following address to "Contact Me".

At present I am unable to get a contact form to work using a "Submit" button.
Would you please, therefore, continue as before.
You can contact me via "E-Mail" either by "copy and pasting" into your mail applications "Send To" field
my address as found in the box below.
Or you can "Click" on it, and it should start your e-mail service with my name already in the "Send To" field.


I shall then "reply" to you in the normal fashion, possibly from a different address.
Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope I can answer your questions satisfactorily.
David Page, September 2014.

You should also be able to contact a Mr. Mike Crowe from either of the two addresses shown below.



As above, with my address, you may have to "Copy and Paste" these addresses into your applications "Send To" field,
they may, however, work ok by "clicking" on them.!
Mike hosts a site called "R.N.Shipmates" and is, basically, a type of "Forum" site whereby old crewmates can regain contact,
and where various ships associations can leave messages for their members.
It may well be worth your while getting into contact with Mike.


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