The reason why I produced this site, a "Criticism" of our Government, and a "Thank you" to my sites many Donors.

The photographs on this site are a mixture of those from my own collection of many years, some which were "Rescued" from an unofficial "Fly Tip" rubbish site during early 1997, and many more which have been donated to me, to display on this website with the owners full blessing, from the private collections of my sites many visitors.

Far too many photographs of this nature remain forever locked away in many various "Museums" and "Archives" and are, generally, inaccessible to the vast majority of people. This being so even though huge amounts of "Public Money" and "National Lottery Funding" have been made available to them to enable public access to the photo's.

Great "Diligence" should now therefore be shown, as many who served on these ships are sadly now passing away, and families will often dispose into "Landfill" of what could well be a unique collection of their relatives photo's. Please think well before doing so, there are many sites similar to mine who would only be too glad to display them.! See the bottom of this page if you wish to "Contact Me".

My intention has always been, therefore, to bring the photo's now in my collection, to as many people as possible through my website, and to raise an awareness as to the past glory of the Royal Navy. - - Soon pictures and memories will be all we have left.

With the Navy in particular taking the brunt of the "Cutbacks", and with many more in the pipeline, we are now down to having no "Aircraft Carriers, or Carrier Capable aircraft" for at least the next 10 years, no Maritime Reconnaissance "Nimrods", as they were scrapped back in 2011, the "Invincible Class" through deck cruisers, and the "Harriers" that flew off them, scrapped or sold of to the cheapest bidder. What is left of the "Frigate fleet" being further reduced with the last 4 remaining "Type 22's" scrapped 4 years ago, with no replacements, along with the last "Type 42" Destroyers. Nearly all of our "T" class Hunter Killer submarines are in the process of being de-commissioned, and their predeccessors, the "S" class, have already gone. !!

The current expectation, held at present by our Government, is for this country to be able to share a "French Aircraft Carrier" when the "tough gets going" down in the Falklands in the not too distant future, as, at present, seems more than likely to happen. The "towering intellects", who presently make up our Government, don't seem to have thought of what will happen when the "French" part of the carrier is either sunk, or surrenders. Even more so now that we have voted to leave the "corrupt farce" of the E.U.!! Perhaps we could buy back HMS Hermes from India.!!!   

I made attempts during 1999 - 2000 to contact the original owners of those photo's found "dumped" without success. I hope, therefore, that if anyone recognizes an Image on this site as being, originally, one of theirs, and, considering the nature of my acquisition of it, they will continue to allow my use of it in this form, for the "Free benefit and Educational purposes" of all who may wish to visit these pages, and that they will accept my many and sincere thanks.

In the 17 years, since the site first became "active" I have continued to add more of my own photo's, along with some video clips. I have also received copies of many photos from numerous other people to add to the "Navyphotos" collection, who wish to see their Ships photos displayed for the "free" benefit of all. I have acknowledged their gift where applicable.

Other people have now, in late 2016, taken to sending me copies of photo's they have found on other websites on the "Internet". Whilst I appreciate this gesture, I must remind such "Donors" to also try and let me know the origins of such photo's, so as I may "Credit" the owners where possible. 

Major contributors to the site include Mr. Mark Teadham and Mr Viv Brice, who have both provided several hundred images from their own collections, along with Mr Gerry Wright. - Mr. George Knight, has put me into contact with a sizeable collection of "Destroyer" photo's, as has Mr. Michael Pocock from Texas in the USA. - Mr. Robert Hanley has provided enough photos to enable me to set up another complete section covering WW11 "Escorts", and also Mr. David Downey, a recent large scale contributor, has sent me a complete collection of data cards and associated photos. There are also contributions from many who wish to remain "Anonymous" and so, although their photo's are displayed as part of the "Navyphotos" collection, there are no credits shown beneath them.

I have also received much help from members of the "Loch Class Frigate Association", the "Ton Class Mine-Sweeper Association" and the webmasters of the many private RN Ships and Submarines sites who have been in contact with me, and have helped in providing me with, many photos and information that was previously absent. I extend my sincere thanks to you all. 

The photo's on this site were originally sized to suit a 4:3 display ratio 17" monitor using a screen resolution of  "1024 x 768 dpi",  and most of the "Enlarged" photo’s would fill a monitor screen of that size. Now, with the advent of 16:9 ratio screens, the photo's will appear offset to one side. Also, due to increasing "Webspace" problems, as my site has steadily grown over the years, I have had to "resize" and "recompress" many of the photo's. It is now likely that their "print out" quality will have suffered and that they will be unusable. You may still, of course, view them on your monitor screen

I have tried to "organize" the photo's into, what seemed to be to me, a logical classification as per the "Type of Ship" Index. However, some may have "slipped through the net" and possibly be found in a different classification, ie: a WW11 Destroyer may be in the section for "Frigates, Escorts, Sloops" etc., especially if, as in many cases, major post WW11 re-fit work has been carried out. It is also more than likely that a ship with the same name will be found in more than one category, i.e. HMS. Ardent (Pre. WW1 Destroyer) will also be found in (Frigates, Type 21) of much later vintage. There are also many instances where successive ships of the same name will be found in the same category. ( ie. Ark Royal -- Aircraft carriers etc.). 

I have also received much help and inspiration from Mr. Steven Johnson of www.cyber-heritage.co.uk fame, a site that is a "Must" for those of you interested in Plymouth (U.K.) Naval and Local history, amongst many other subjects.

Also great help was received from my now sadly deceased diving partner, Mr. Peter Mitchell of www.submerged.co.uk  His is another "Must visit" site for all those searching for information concerning S.W. Devon shipwreck (and many worldwide) "Dive sites", and a source of purchase of several Diving related videos, books, and other merchandise. His site will remain on the "Internet" but will no longer be responsive to any questions. You can, however, contact me from the "link" below, and I will endeavour to answer any queries you may have.

I have tried to follow their "Content over Style" format for this site, and I leave it to you to judge if I have been successful.

 David Page, 

Site first "online" - January 2001.

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