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Section 1 :-  Books containing a similar theme to the "Navyphotos" website. ( Collections of Photographs, ship types, etc.)

Over the years that my site has been active I have often been asked why I do not include summaries of the various ships activities.
The main reason why I do not do so is down to my having insufficient knowledge of the subject to do it justice.
Therefore I would prefer to leave the task to those who have much greater knowledge than I, and, judging by the quality of the various books available,
a few of which I have showcased below, much greater resources.
I recommend all of the books shown, and I feel that you will obtain as much enjoyment and information from them as I have.
Most of them also include excellent "Potted Histories" ( to quote Mr. Mike Critchley, many of whose books I feature here ). 

Royal Navy at Malta. pt.1.


Royal Navy at Malta. pt 2.


Plymouth Warships 1900 - 1950.


Naval Heritage in the West pt.1.


Naval Heritage in the West pt.2.


HM Submarines in Camera.


To Sail no more pt.1

To Sail no more pt.2

To Sail no more pt.3

RN in Focus 1930 - 1939.

RN in Focus 1940 - 1949.

RN in Focus 1950 - 1959.

RN in Focus 1960 - 1969.


RN Destroyers in Focus.

Leander Class frigates, A photo Compilation.



Section 2 :-  Books dealing with specific ships, or types of vessel.

I would like to apologize to my sites visitors at this point as it was my original intention for these two following sections
to be complete, and separate, as their section headings suggest.
However, as this part of my site has developed, I have found that there often is a quite "blurred" demarcation between them.
I have done my best to keep to the separations as originally intended, but the more books I feature the more difficult it seems to become.
I hope this does not detract from your enjoyment. 


British Warships - Minesweepers.


British Warships - Surface.


British Warships - Submarines.


British Warships - Frigates.


The First Destroyers.




Submarines in Colour.


U-boats in the Atlantic.


German Capital Ships.


Submarines, design and development.


King George V Class Battleships.


Submarines, War beneath the waves.


The "T" class Submarine.


Lost Patrols. Submarine wrecks.


The type XX1 U-Boat.


Type 21 Frigates.


Leander Class Frigates.

RN Submarines.


The Royal Navy Submarine Service.


Destroyers for Great Britain.


HMS Albion

Underwater Warriors. - The story of "Midget Submarines"

HMS Bulwark.


War At Sea in the Ironclad age.



Lost Subs. A wordwide history.


"Salvo". - Classic Naval Gun Actions.

The Corvette Navy.

Naval Blunders. ( As if there ever were any !! )

X-Craft versus Tirpitz.

"Poseidon". - China's secret Salvage.

The War of the Gun Boats



Section 3 :-  The Various accounts of the History and Development of the Royal Navy.
Also Fleets, Ship types, Fleet Air Arm, Biographies and Auto-biographies.

This section, as explained above, was originally intended to be a separate, stand alone one.
Its purpose has become somewhat "blurred" over the passing years and should now really be viewed as
an extension of section 2.



Britain's Historic Ships


Hero of the Fleet.



The Silent Service.




The Submarine Pioneers.


Stealth at Sea.


Business in Great Waters.


U-boat Killer.




U333 - U-boat Ace.


The Grand Scuttle.


The Golden Horseshoe.


Really Not Required.


An illustrated history of the Royal Navy.


The Submariners 1901 - 1999.


Stokers Submarine.


Steam, Steel, & Shellfire 1815 - 1905.


The Future British Surface Fleet.


Standard of Power.


The Garrett Enigma.


The Royal Navy, an Illustrated Social History.


Walker R.N.


The Royal Navy, an illustrated history from the technological viewpoint.


The "K" Boats.

Maritime Portsmouth. A History & Guide.


Crash Dive

Empire of the Seas.

Royal Indian Navy, 1612 - 1950. 

British Submarines of the "Great War"

Teddy Suhren
"Ace of Aces".

"K Boat" Catastrophe.
The "Battle of the Isle of May".

The Battle of the Atlantic.
The "Corvettes" and their crews.

Life in a "Blue Suit"

Fleet Air Arm.



There are many other excellent books of this nature that I will add to these sections as they become known to me. 


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