A site where you can publish and sell your own "creations" on the Internet.


I have been made aware of the above site, and its possibilities, by several of my websites visitors. I have been so impressed by it that I have decided to try and publish documents, not all of which are directly related to the contents of www.navyphotos.co.uk  but, even so, I feel they may be of some interest to those of you who have visited my site.

My colleagues and I are all keen Plymouth ( U.K. ) Scuba Divers of 30 odd years experience each and, in pursuit of our chosen sport, we have gained insights into several other interests. One of these is the production of  "Diving Related Videos and books" for sale and the resulting products can be obtained through my friends site via this "Link" :- www.submerged.co.uk

My involvement in this, apart from helping with the underwater camera work, has been to research and provide notes on the various subjects so as to form the basis of a "shooting script".

I have now tried to develop these notes into something more readable and, hopefully, of some interest. I would like to offer my thanks and acknowledgements here to the various sources I have used and I list them at the end of each document. I do this in the hope that the brief outlines I have published will raise your interest in the subject sufficiently to encourage you to obtain copies of their books and so further and deepen your knowledge. I will provide a link "HERE" that will take you to a part of my site that will enable you to obtain copies of their books through "Amazon Booksellers".

My published documents can be obtained either as a "PDF Download" at minimal cost from "Lulu.com", or as a "Paperback book", by clicking on its respective "Link" as provided below. 

Please be aware that some of these "File sizes" are quite large. Please be patient if "Downloading" as they can take quite a time depending on your connection speed. 


"LINKS" to documents.

1). - A personal view of Submarine development.  ( available as a PDF Download only ) - "Click HERE".

2). - "Defence of the Realm". - Plymouth and its Forts. ( available in both BOOK and DOWNLOAD ) - "Click HERE".

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