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13d). Frigates, type 81. - Tribal class.

This class was designed during the early 1960's, and were soon mainly viewed as an admission
that the thinking behind the earlier single role "Utility" classes were a bit of a mistake.

 They were intended as a "Multi - role" or "General purpose" frigate.
Their main duty, alongside the Anti-Submarine and Convoy Escort role, was the anti-slavery patrols off the coast of East Africa,
and also up into the "Persian Gulf", during the late 1960's and early 1970's, where their air conditioning was a definite blessing.

 This task is still carried out now, in the 21st. century, by current Frigate types, but with less press attention.
The 81's were meant to
undertake any of the roles performed by the ships they were replacing, with a little less "effectiveness" it must be said. 

The "Leander" class, that were just coming into service at this time, were a much more competent ship in the ASW role,
as they could operate a larger helicopter to take the fight to a submarine up to 100 or so miles away. 

One wonders how much more effective and possibly longer legged the "Leanders" would have been
had they been fitted with the "type 81's" Steam and Gas turbine power plant
rather than the updated pure steam turbine plant from its earlier "type 12" stable mate.

 ( # ) indicates photos updated - Late April 2008. - earlier updates now unmarked


1). Ashanti. 3 photo's.  

2). Eskimo. – 3 photo's.  

3). Ghurka. – 2 photo's.  

4). Mohawk. – 3 photo’s. #

5). Nubian. – 2 photo’s.  

6). Tartar. – 3 photo’s.  

7). Zulu. - 1 photo.  

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