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13c.) - Frigates, types 41 / 61.

These two classes of Frigate were designed as contemporaries to the type 14's. "Blackwood" class Convoy Escort A.S.W. Frigates.
Research, and "Bitter WW11 experience", had shown that no matter how fast an "Escort Destroyer" could move,
the "Odds" were stacked against them and were still with any attacking aircraft. 

Given that the majority of available ex-WW11 Destroyer hulls were mostly unsuitable for any major rebuild and re-fit,
to meet the developing perceived needs of "Convoy and Fleet Escort", through the 1950's,
it had been decided to build these ships, along with the similarly "Utility" designed type 14's, with a single role in mind. 

The type 41's were heavily armed with AAA and high angle 4.5" gun mounts,
whilst the type 61's were to take on the role of "Aircraft Direction", in both the defense of a Convoy and,
to direct the aircraft covering a "Fleet Task Force" in conjunction with the "AWACS" aircraft.
( Skyraiders / Gannets ) flown from the fleets air-craft carriers. 

One can only wonder aloud as to whether the usual "Government parsimony and shortsightedness", during the 1960's and 70's,
contributed greatly to the losses suffered by the RN during the "Falklands War" of 1982.
HMS Lynx would have been especially useful in the "N.G.S". role in the crowded waters of San Carlos,
due to her having retained her two twin 4.5" Mk VI gun mountings.

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Type 41's.   

1). Leopard. ( type 41 ) – 4 photo's. 

2). Lynx. ( type 41 ) – 4 photo’s.

3). Jaguar. ( type 41 ) - 1 photo.

4). Puma. ( type 41 ) – 2 photo's.


Type 61's.

5). Chichester. ( type 61 ) - 3 photo's.

6). Lincoln. ( type 61 ) – 4 photo’s.

7). Llandaff. ( type 61 ) 3 photo's.

8). Salisbury. ( type 61 ) – 10 photo’s.

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