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16). Frigates, Type 23’s.

This type of Frigate, commonly known as the "Iron Duke" class, were originally designed as a replacement for the ageing "Type 21's",
and the overly large and expensive "Type 22's".
They are primarily an A.S.W. frigate but, because of the painful lessons dished out to the RN during the "Falklands War" of 1982 by the "Argentine Air Force",
they also have a comprehensive "Force Projection" and "Anti Air" capability.
They have a very reduced "Radar signature", due to "Right angles" being designed "Out" of them, and their A.S.W. suite is,
quite probably, the world leader both from its acquisition and prosecution abilities, to their almost "Silent running" power plant.
Most of them are now entering their "Mid-Life Refits" and are returning to service with "Enhanced capabilities".

It is only to be pitied that successive Governments, the late "Labour" one in particular, but then the"Coalition", and now in 2015, a majority Conservative one
have, in their craven submission to all things "European", allowed for all of our "Armed services",
and in particular the RN, to be run down to the deplorable extent that we now find them. 

The whole principle of "Deterrence" has always depended upon giving any "Erstwhile Enemy" the impression that,
although we may not "Wish To", if push comes to shove then, actually, not only  "We Can", but most certainly "We Will"!
At present it is only too painfully obvious that "We Cannot" ( or "Will Not" ) - Witness the farcical episode in April 2007 in the "Shatt Al-arab".

We can only trust that in any future "Major conflict" our service men and women will once again shine through, and not be found wanting,
unlike so many of our "Politicians", whose prime aims appear to be the diminution of this once Great Britain and Royal Navy,
and the enrichment of their own financial situations.

(#) indicates updated or extra photo's. - Most recent additions :- Early March 2016.

earlier updates now unmarked.

1). Argyll. F 231 - 9 photo's.  ( + a short video clip )

2). Grafton. F 80 - 8 photo's.   ( 3 as HMS Suffolk - F88 - for Carlton T.V. series in 2004.)

3). Iron Duke. F 234 - 8 photo's.   

4). Kent. F 78 - 3 photo's.   

5). Lancaster. F 229 - 7 photo's.  ( + a short video clip ) 

6). Marlborough F 233 - 3 photos.   

7). Monmouth. F 235 - 5 photo's.  

8). Montrose. F 236 – 10 photo's.    

9). Norfolk. F 230 – 12 photo’s. 

10). Northumberland. F 238 - 10 photo's.  

11). Portland. F 79 – 12 photo's.   

12). Richmond. F 239 - 4 photo's.   

13). Somerset. F 82 – 14 photo’s.  #  ( + a short video clip ) 

14). St. Albans. F 83 - 8 photos.   

15). Sutherland. F 81- 9 photos. 

16). Westminster. F 237 - 11 photo's.   

17). Triton. – 3 photo’s. - ( possible prototype Type 23/42 replacement).

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