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14). Frigates, Type 21’s.

The type 21's, probably better known as the "Amazon class", were an effort to find a replacement for the "General purpose type 81" Tribal class Frigates.
They were built by the commercial shipbuilders "Vosper Thorneycroft" and were undoubtedly excellent ships.
Unfortunately they proved to be too small and cramped to be updated successfully during their mid - life refits.
They had also proved to be much more expensive to build than their contemporaries.
They were the first class of RN ships to be fitted with a pure Gas turbine powerplant,
a pair of R.R. Tynes for cruising and a pair of R.R. Olympus for high speed.
Their acceleration, for a warship, was outstanding and there are reports that at least one successful attempt at "Waterskiing" behind one was made.
Their major flaw was an "Aluminium superstructure" which, as events in the "Falklands War" of 1982  were to show,
burnt fiercely if damaged in action.
The survivors of the class were later sold to Pakistan during the mid 1990's.   

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