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9a). - Destroyers, "New Daring Class". - Type 45's.

This section has been added to show the latest Destroyers to enter the Fleet.
12 were originally on the "cards", - 8 were then contracted for, and we have been left with 6 out of 12 built !!
The "Type 45's are being built using "Stealth" technology and will replace the ageing "Type 42's".
Unfortunately they will not have the sleek lines and good looks of their "Stretched" predecessors,
even though their capabilities "should" far outweigh them. 

 We were, until recently, stuck with a Brussells controlled "Labour Government", and whose "Expense accounts" and "Tax Fiddles"
we as Taxpayers will now have to refund to ourselves.
The "New" coalition crowd, now in power, is something that none of us really ever expected, or wanted even less !!.

It would appear though that they will still cost us all dearly as they also are seemingly,
probably due to the same European direction that so controlled the "Labour Government",
now "Hell Bent" on the destruction of not only the Royal Navy, but all of our "Armed Forces !!
Who knows what will happen in the not too distant future with this present Government seemingly
determined to sell everything off to the cheapest bidder if not "Scrapping" things before it even enters service !
Whatever happens, it will not be a pleasant time for our service men and women !.

  This section first added - Early December 2006. - Latest update. ( # ) - Early February 2015. - Earlier additions are now unmarked.


1). Daring. D 32 - 12 photos.  # - + a short "Video Clip"

2). Dauntless. D 33 - 7 photo's.

3). Defender. D 36 - 5 photo's.

4). Diamond. D 34 - 10 photo's. + a short "Video Clip"

5). Dragon. D 35 - 10 photo's. - + a short "Video Clip"

6). Duncan. D 37 - 4 photo's.


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