It will be noted that there is a "common thread", running through the many comments I have made on this site.
These are concerning my "Fears" as to the extent recent "Governments", of all peculiarities, have cut back, and even diverted funds away from, our Armed forces and the Royal Navy in particular. 
Whether this is a deliberate act, or even, as is most likely, "E.U." directed, was at one time, open to debate.
This appears to be no longer the case, and is not mentioned by any news channel, possibly again due to "E.U." direction.

Now, in early 2011, we are yet again faced with ever increasing cutbacks, and it appears that any chance of "debate" has long since gone, or is being "Censored"!! 
We now have no carrier capable aircraft, nor will have for at least the next 10 years, and those we do end up with will, in all probability, be an "American" craft.
Neither do we now have any "carriers" to fly them from, for at least the foreseeable future.

The idea now being "Floated" is that we ask the "French" if we can borrow one of theirs when needed, - that'll work just fine won't it !!!
And no-one seems to have thought of what happens when their half surrenders, or sinks.

  Brand new and never used "Nimrod" Maritime reconnaissance aircraft are being destroyed even as I type this, and the last Type 22 Frigates remaining to us are already being disposed of,
HMS Chatham paying off in Plymouth this very week.

 It is refreshing, therefore, to be asked to provide a "Link", as shown below, to a site that shares these concerns.
Its name is self-explanatory. However, I'm sure future events will prove it to be most necessary.
Ever increasing "Cutbacks" will continue, and the RN will become an even smaller shadow under the seemingly inevitable "E.U." control !!.



Time has moved on, and now, in the middle of June 2020, we are 4 years down the road of trying to escape from "E.U." restrictions and controls.
Many of the websites "Linked" to below, sadly, no longer exist. How, or why, this has come about I do not know.
In all liklihood they have become too expensive to "Host", or their owners have passed away.
I shall list the ones that still exist, and place the non-active ones below them.
Probably many have been re-created under different addresses, and can still be found elsewhere on the Internet.
Their content was, in many cases, too valuable to have been lost forever.!


"Linked sites."

( "Click" on the Blue Hyperlinks to access the required sites. )

1).- http://navalhistory.flixco.info - by Mr. Peter Bobroff.

2).- http://www.navybooks.com - by Mr. Mike Critchley.

3).- http://www.tca2000.co.uk - The "Ton Class" website -- by Mr. Rik Furnival

4).- http://www.lochclassfrigates.com - A new site concerned with WW11 "Loch Class Frigates". 

5).- http://www.submarinersassociation.co.uk Yet another site for "Submariners" run by Mr. Dave Hallas.

6).- http://www.uboat.net/ A site where all things "U-boat" and the "Battle of the Atlantic" are to be found.

7).- http://www.passion-4.net/ships/ A site where you can find probably everything you'll ever need about ships.

8).- http://www.maritimequest.com A site mostly concerning the US Navy hosted by Mr. Mike Pocock.

9).- http://www.halcyon-class.co.uk A site on "Minesweepers" of this class presented by Mr. Bill Burn.

10).- http://www.naval-history.net A site hosted by Mr. Gordon Smith featuring recent Naval history and some of the books he has produced

11).- http://www.royalnavy-history.net Another site from Mr. Gordon Smith devoted to RN History

12).- http://www.royalnavyresearcharchive.org.uk:80/ESCORT/ A site run by Mr. Tony Drury covering "WW11 Escort Carriers"

13).- http://www.unithistories.com If you are looking for "Service Records" then this site is the one for you.

14).- http://www.throughtheireyes2.co.uk A site presented by Mr. James Payne featuring peoples service memories and photograph collections.

15). - http://www.shipsandharbours.com A site whose name is surely self explanatory. Plenty of interesting content, but sadly another site soon to be lost it would appear.!

16). - http://vandwdestroyerassociation.org.uk As this sites name suggests, it will be, when completed, your "One stop shop" for anything to do with "V and W class Destroyers".

17).- http://www.warshiptv.weebly.com A rapidly growing site featuring video clips of many of our modern ships.


Below here can be seen the websites, mentioned above, that no longer appear to be available.


http://gwardnet.d2g.com/mac/- by Mr. Ian MacCorquodale.

http://www.leander-project.homecall.co.uk/index.html An excellent site covering the story of the development from WW11 Escorts to the "Leander Class" frigate. 

HonSecLCFA@aol.com- to contact "The Loch Class Frigates" association. 

http://www.highindex.com/Society/Military/Naval- A path leading to a collection of world wide Naval information sites. 

http://www.ships-badges.co.ukA site offered by Mr. Robbie Burns, you name the ship, he's probably got a photo of its badge, and, possibly, even a short ships history.  

http://perso.wanadoo.fr/sous.marinA site based in France, and presented by Mnsr. Jean-Paul Nadeau of Brest, featuring many ships photo's of all Navies.

http://www.candoo.com/ncot A site presented by Mr. Norrie Millen, the President and Webmaster of  the "Naval Club" of Toronto and also the Vice-Chairman and Hon-Secretary of the "Royal Naval Association" of Southern Ontario.

http://www.britsub.net A site dedicated to "British Submarines" hosted by Mr. Dave Hallas. 

http://www.submariners.co.uk The Barrow-in-Furness Branch of the "Submariners Association".

http://www.u-boat-reich.co.uk/index.htm A UK based site covering "U-Boats".    

http://www.worldwar1atsea.net An affiliated site run by Mr. Gordon Smith about WW1 Royal Naval History.  

http://www.d-boats.co.uk A site mainly concerned with the 1950's "Daring Class" destroyers. Plenty of photo's !!

http://www.gettysburgflag.com/AllAboutU-Boats.php A page from an "American" site with many interesting "Links" to other pages and sites.  

http://www.shipspictures.co.uk As the name suggests, a site very similar to my own with masses of RN and other Navies "Ships Pictures". An excellent site run by Mr. Peter Swarbrick.

http://www.wehrmacht-history.com/links/allied-navel-sites.htm As the link suggests, there is a strong "Allied Naval section" to this otherwise "non Naval based" site which will, I'm sure, be of interest to many of my visitors.

http://www.federationofleanderclassfrigates.co.uk I would expect that this sites name "speaks for itself".

http://www.ships-photos.net Another interesting site exhibiting photo's of a variety of ships. Hosted by Mr. Marcel Gommers.                 


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